Business Cards and You!* (* Unemployed Student)

I had a late-night panic sesh that ended with me pulling up ten different articles about making myself stand out to employers (that’s not the lamest thing I’ve ever written). One of them was a FOXBusiness article, written by Emily Driscoll, that answered an often-turned question: should unemployed students have business cards? And if so, what should we put on them?

What College Students Should Have on Business Cards

In short, the article suggests that potential employers will not think you’re “odd” or “trying too hard” if you’ve got a business card, because they handle so many. So at worst, it won’t make any impression, but at best, it will impress. And also, that person will have your contact information, which is sort of the point of a business card.

When you DO decide to drop a few bucks and print some cards, include your name and contact information (phone, email) and other optional embellishments, like a header or your “Class of”. Make sure the business card is quality-printed, and that the design is clean and legible but still representative of you.Oh, and wait until the end of a first-time conversation to exchange cards. Read the article in its entirety for even more tips on card design and card-exchange etiquette, as well as some suggested sites where you can print cheaply.

I’ll admit, this is the article that led me to boldly emblazon “Marketing Professional” beside my name in the blog header. After reading this, I’m convinced that the worst thing you can put on the top of your business card is “____ Student” because that’s not the job you’re wanting, and ultimately, it’s not who you are. It’s like a title on a job application, and the card is (in a sense) your tiny resume. Also, that’s your product… and that’s my segue into discussing personal branding in the near future, which is something a lot of people hate for lack of understanding; mostly because we’re rebels at heart. But we can be rebels somewhere else. It’s really just a cover for the man, anyway.


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