Event recruits middle school girls to tech careers

11.16.15– “Why do we need more women?” Bev Bitzegaio asked a classroom of middle-school girls from Crawfordsville.

A girl in the back of the room raised her hand. “Because we’re better at it,” she said, and her classmates laughed in agreement.

“Why else?” Bitzegaio asked.

“Because we’re cooler than them,” said another, and the laughter grew louder.

“That goes without saying,” Bitzegaio said. Addressing a room of female students with a background in advanced math and science education, it was time to settle down and begin the real discussion. “Anyone else?”

A girl in the middle raised her hand. “We have a different perspective on things.”

“Yes, that’s it!” said Bitzegaio, director of outreach and student career support in Indiana State University’s College of Technology.

Thus began the closing address for an eventful day of workshops to teach girls about careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Read more on Indiana Statesman.

(Photo: ISU)


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