How to make money online by writing


As a falling senior, I have spent many hours tearing through job boards and internship websites as well as pitching established news websites. Recently I have attempted to get a feel for telecommuting job market. To my surprise, this was a robust niche.

But every so often, I stopped to think to myself: “What’s in it for these people?”

The people who dedicate their lives to helping people like me find fulfilling work from home?

After scouring the job boards for work-from-home opportunities and reading the leading blogs on how to make money with your craft, I have written down my observations about how one can earn a living though the simple craft of writing.

1) Begin a freelance or remote job posting board.

Make sure to enable ads, so all the suckers scrolling through your boards looking to earn a living wage as a telecommuting news editor will inadvertently be making you money.


Charge for job postings. If you’re really ballsy, you can charge a membership fee just to look.

Remember to optimize for Google search engines.

2) Know a guy – or, if you’re already dead or dying, reincarnate into the physical form of someone who knows a guy.

This is by far the easiest method. Manufacture a backstory of gumption to maximize your influence. After that…

3) Sell your hottest tips for becoming a self-made thousandaire.

Offer a “seed” for people to grow their own wealth. For the low cost of your e-book or webinar, they can actually generate hundreds of dollars in passive income. For you.

4) If your soul permits, get a degree in business.

You will naturally learn that these are the only true ways to make money online by writing. If you go this route, you are sure to make $60k as a marketing manager with ample upward mobility in your company. If this does not fulfill you, you may have to make less than $20k a year as a small town journalist, working long and irregular hours under the crushing pressure of job insecurity. The only reward you will glean is the faint sense that you are preserving our democracy by holding government officials accountable and informing the public. From the way these institutions are treated, they do not seem to be incredibly valuable to us.

So readers, how many hours did you spend this week on freelance job boards or reading monetized blogs for career advice?

Image credit: (Pexel)


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